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How I got involved in SF Parent Coalition

Me and the rest of the SF Parents Board. Over the last half year or so, I've gotten more and more involved with a group that is now called San Francisco Parent Coalition . This was far from a given. If you read my quarantine journals ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 and 5 --and I warn you in advance that they are messy, raw and maybe a little too high in cat content 😻), you will see a progression from deep suspicion of this group to someone who works for it every day, including far too many weekends. Someone who wishes she didn't need to be involved but feels compelled nonetheless because, like most people, I want every kid in this city to thrive in our city's public school system--and that still isn't the norm. Why was I suspicious? Let's speak frankly: like many, I thought it was a group of white parents rolling in the poisonous baggage of decades of white groups organized for ill (parents, educators, legislators, etc). Though it turned out not to be true, it does none of us any

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