Literary Works



Novellas & Short Stories (Adult)

No one thinks Kara is funny—not her tech-sick husband and definitely not her disappearing daughter. But becoming funnier than anyone could ever imagine may be all Kara has to keep her family together in the disintegrating reality of a world just around our corner. Just how dark can her jokes get, anyway?
In a world where every breath is precious, Harriet, the woman who clawed her way out of the open-air toxic dump of California and into the exclusive Palo Alto dome by climbing over just a few bodies, now has the next trillion-dollar idea: sell synthetic magic using a new bracelet app loaded with mood-controlling drugs. Yup, everyone loves the bracelet, but what price will the real magic of the world make her pay to use her new-found wealth and power to finally breathe free?
Desperate to escape the disintegrating United States, a failed singer, her husband, and three kids (and cat) follow the advice of NPR and rematriate to Denmark—never mind that they have no family or cultural ties to the country (where is anyone from, really?). All seems to be going well, at first, until Ericka and the rest of her family have to confront what it really means to find a new home in a world that has increasingly incompatible visions for the future.

Teri, a passionate teacher, is thunder on Twitter. So, she is flattered but not exactly surprised to be invited to a year-long retreat for the most radical voices on Twitter to build the utopian society of their dreams. After all, what could go wrong when 100 of the purest and loudest visionaries on the Internet live together in a harsh wilderness with only a bonfire, their increasingly odd Twitter followers, and no possibility of leaving to hold them together?

Manuscripts (Middle Grade)

  • The Cable Cats

A brother and sister despised on their home planet of advanced felines and a human girl who has lost everything are forced into a desperate race to stop the invasion of San Francisco by hordes of dogs determined to take over the universe. I wrote this book for my then-story-mad eight-year-old son and his friends, and the many other kids who also love high-stakes adventure, fantasy, and unusual friendships--fermented in ample toilet humor.