Upcoming Concert: La Pastorela (The Shepherd's Tale)

I'll be singing in these shows this weekend. More accurately, I'll be wearing a period hat with a feather, holding a lamp and singing near a small, cute dog in a costume. Also, there will be a fight.

Come see the madness and beauty!

La Pastorela (The Shepherd's Tale)
San Francisco Renaissance Voices, under the direction of guest conductor Don Scott Carpenter, present a special holiday performance in the form of a Mexican Pastorela, the retelling of the nativity story from the perspective of the shepherds who were the first to see the Christ child. A traditional fight, often somewhat humorous, between good and evil features audience favorite, Phantom of the Opera's soprano Susan Gundunas as the Archangel Michael with local actor Joseph Schmitz as the Devil. Our singers will perform Cristóbal de Morales' (c1500-1533) heavenly Missa Queramus cum pastoribus (Mass of the Quaking Shepherds). These performances are expected to sell out so ticket pre-purchase is highly recommended!

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