San Francisco Police Commission Meeting 5/12/2021 Summary

The San Francisco Police Commission oversees the policy, top leadership and aspects of budget decisions of the San Francisco Police Department. The Board of Supervisors, which appoints some of the commissioners, ultimately controls the budget of the department. I live tweet meetings at #sfpolicecommission, along with a few other dedicated watchdogs. Below is a high-level summary of the most recent meeting. Any factual mistakes are my own.

5/12/2021 Meeting Documents 

But is reform working?

Last night, the SFPD presented on the 272 item reform program that it was supposed to complete by the end of March. The Department of Justice reform process was launched back in 2016, and this was supposed to be the final phase of the project (beyond ongoing maintenance). There were other items on the Police Commission agenda, but this is all I will focus on in my recap this week. It's a story in 14 screen grabs and two graphs. The screen grabs are from my live tweets and the graphs are from the SFPD's Q4 2020 96A report, which includes a breakdown of policing activities by race on a per capita basis; in other words, how much more likely are you to be stopped, searched or shot if you're Black versus white in San Francisco? Enjoy.

My take away: If these are what these graphs continue to look like and SFPD truly has completed 93% of the reform items over five years, then one would expect that the Police Commission would be asking whether the SFPD is misreporting its work or why the work it's doing is not working.


Before you go, take action! Volunteer for/donate to Wealth and Disparities In The Black Community, founded and led by Phelicia Jones. WDBC has been working on police reform and justice for victims of police violence since the SFPD murdered Mario Woods back in 2015.

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