June Writers Academy: New business launch!


I'm thrilled to be able to share some exciting personal news: the launch of June Writers Academy, the writing and critical thinking program for kids! I've been working on launching this new business for the past year, and it's been a very happy time. 

I've loved spending the bulk of my days thinking about words, making videos of cats, and building a business. The game I used to play with my kids on the bus and train, and blogged about here, is now a series of ridiculous but effective videos that build kids' word sense. Those videos are free and, I hope, great fun for many families. 

But that's just one small part of the new business. Our full program, which is an advanced curriculum of writing and critical thinking lessons and practices for elementary and middle school kids, is available to purchase at junewriters.com. Yes, it goes even deeper on the cat content. It turns out that cats are great at explaining writing concepts; their natural skepticism makes for rich conversations about complicated topics.

Launching a new business will always be nerve-wracking, but because this is my second time through this process, it also feels a bit like having a second child for me. Vie Bikes broke me in. Now, I'm ready for the sleepless nights, but also to enjoy the experience more and stay calmer when problems inevitably arise. (Though, yes, of course our system is perfect.) I'm also grateful to be working on something that is pure joy. 

Check it out!